No mp3s this time around. Just one of the best music videos in recent history. Björk music videos are usually my favorite, but the last few videos she's done for Volta has not even compared to the videos like Triumph of the Heart, Bachelorette, All Is Full Of Love, and Human Behaviour. That is until now. You can even order a pair of 3D glasses from for the DVD version that will be released in the coming weeks.

I am once again in awe of her creativity...


Look at my hands, I'm shaking, all my body is shaking.

It was only a dream, mommy.

He was there... His car was parked there in the same gas station,
all dressed in green, dark green.
I couldn't move my head, but I was watching him in the mirror.
Oh, it was horrible!
His face was sort of erased, but I knew he was looking at me.
Two invisible eyes, two invisible and monstrous eyes.

Please stop, you're frightening me.

I'm sorry, butterfly.
You shouldn't listen to mommy.
Go back to sleep.

I'm not tired anymore.
I just want to get away from here.

Mommy needs some sleep too.
We've got a long way to go tomorrow.
Go back to sleep angel, mom is gonna keep the devil away.
Now close your eyes, everything is fine, everything is light.
Mom loves you more than any mom in the world.
See you in the morning light where the birds sings with the sun.
I love you, sweetie.

I love you, mum... Part II:

Wake up, wake up!

What's happening?

I felt his breath in my hair.
He's here, I know he's here!

Well start the car mum, hurry up!

I can't, I can't, I don't know what to do.

Turn the key, please!
Go! Go!

Where is he?

He's right behind us, mom.

I told you, you gotta keep quiet now!

Mummy, I don't wanna die!
I'm so afraid. He's coming!
He's gonna hit us.
Go faster, faster!

I can't, where is he?

Everything is so frightening!

There's a light, I'm not sure.

It's all your fault!

You just have to keep quiet.
He must be so crazy right now.
He is going to kill us for sure.

Mom, mom...

Shut up!
I, I can't drive this crazy forever!
Shut the fuck up!

Are, are we gonna be OK?

It's too late, he was just there.
He's always doomed for the cliff! Part III:

Look at my hands, I'm shaking, all my body is shaking.

Mommy, it was only, mommy...

He was there, he was just there...


Download: M83 - Car Chase Terror from the album, Before The Dawn Heals Us


Friday – 

5:30pm: Work until 5:30am. Possibly write a little, write my retort to someone against mosh pits at concerts, and possibly watch The Bourne Ultimatum. 

Saturday – 

5:30am: Drive back to Newburyport to sleep until 1pm.

1:00pm: Phone alarm goes off. Put phone on snooze but accidently turn it off. Go back to sleep.

2:00pm: Phone rings (Daily Show Theme), Awkwardly answer the phone but try to sound not tired. Doesn’t work.  

5:30pm: Drive to Boston to see Spectator at Bill’s Bar with a few friends.

Sunday – 

11:00am: Wake up and try to find food. 

1:00pm: Go to Library to see if the Belle and Sebastian CD is still there to rent.

3:00pm: Call my new job to ask about the housing in the area.

4:00pm: Check my move on Scrabble on Facebook. People are beginning to figure out how I play.

7:00pm: Watch the Coachella DVD on my surround sound. Awesomeness will ensue.

9:00pm: Call my father and tell him my April schedule. Hopefully he’ll come and visit like he promised.

Download: Two GallantsThe Hand That Held Me Down from the album, Two Gallants

Download: Jeremy EnigkBeen Here Before from the album, World Waits

Download: A Place To Bury StrangersNever Going Down from the album, A Place To Bury Strangers

Download: The Berg Sans NippleMystic Song from the album, Along the Quai

Download: DataRockFa-Fa-Fa from the album, DataRock DataRock


If you've been itching your ears for some new dredg; go to their myspace page and listen to what sounds like the whole album on one track. Also they have been so kind as to let us listen to an excerpt from the song Quotes. This is a day that will be remembered by the Gods of Awesomeness.

In other news; I'll be attending the San Francisco Outside Lands Festival. If moving out to California wasn't enough to excite me, this just made me poo myself in joy. Not only is dredg, Radiohead, Sean Hayes, Cool Kids, Broken Social Scene, Sharon Jones, Beck, and many many other brilliant acts performing at this gig, but 19 more acts are to be announced. I'll be posting a few of my favorite songs from these acts in weeks to come but for now I'll give you this rare dredg b-side from their last album; Catch Without Arms.

Download: dredg - Stationary Transient from the B-Sides off Catch Without Arms


I haven't written much due to the fact that I was in New York for a the past week. However, I did not have any shortage of concert outings before and after I got back. I was lucky enough to catch Dropkick Murphy's at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, MA on Saturday; which was a great show that showcased some impressive Irish Dancers during selected songs. Also I went to the Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA to check out two separate concerts. Far-Less at the Downstairs stage and Holy Fuck at the Upstairs stage. Holy Fuck in particular was quite impressive. They seemed to be having a lot of fun during their set. Which was fun to watch of course.

Download: Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen from the EP, Holy Fuck EP
Download:Far-Less - A Toast To Bad Taste from the album, A Toast To Bad Taste
Download: Dropkick Murphy's - Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya from the album, The Meanest of Times


So after 4 or so years of abuse, my precious black backpack that has been to San Francisco, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and many other places, has shit the bed. So in spirit of our travels together and the fact that I'll be away in New York until Friday for the Holy Fuck (yes it's a band if you don't already know) show; I compiled a mix that I made for a message board a week or so back. I hope these songs will tide you over until Friday. Enjoy!

Download The 'Good-Bye Black Backpack' Mix (Zip File)

1. Buddy Wakefield - Convenience Stores
2. Engine Down - Pantomine
3. Rival Schools - Holding Sand
4. Far - Wear It So Well
5. Wintersleep - Avalanche
6. Nada Surf - Killian's Red
7. The Notwist - This Room
8. M.I.A. - 20 Dollar
9. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Se7en
10. Bjork - Hunter
11. RJD2 - Smoke and Mirrors
12. DJ Shadow - Fixed Income
13. Sufjan Stevens - They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From the Dead!! Ahhhh!
14. Sean Hayes - 3 a.m.
15. Onelinedrawing - Learning
16. The One AM Radio - I Think This Is My Exit
17. Jeremy Enigk - World Waits


This may have happened a week or so ago, but I just watched it again and love the chemistry between these two. Maybe they'll release an album within the next year...(one can only wish)

Download: John Legend - The Girl Is Mine (ft. Stephen Colbert)


So at the age of 25; I can rent a car without paying out the wazoo and I get some sort of insurance discount. All of this happens AFTER my accident that occurred last week. Go figure. Most people that know me would think I’d post a Sugarcube song or Jonah or The Mars Volta covering it. No. I decided to post the meanest of all metal bands, Dethklok. Best Birthday lyrics ever…

One more year closer to dying
Plastic surgeons fuel the lying
You forget why you came in here
Your mind rots with every New Year

Oh well, wish me a happy birthday. Or just tell me how awesome my music blog is. I love you all.

Download: Dethklok - Birthday Dethday from the album, Dethalbum


Former Strata lead vocalist, Eric Victorino, will be releasing his new book entitled Trading Shadows For Sunshine this summer of 2008. As Eric himself describes; it's "acknowledging all of the terrible things about our world but never losing sight of what makes us extraordinary creatures."
His previous book, Coma Therapy, was a humble and hopeful account of a young man encountering everyday life written through poems and short stories. You can pre-order his new book by clicking on the picture or you can order Coma Therapy by clicking here.

The man has been very busy. He also has started another band called, The Limousines. Which draws influence from artists/bands like The Postal Service, DJ Shadow, and Björk. Their first show will be with the band dredg at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on the 20th of April. You can buy tickets here.

Download: The Limousines - New Year's Resolution


Both the records Quick and The Listening Game have been re-released and hand numbered for only a limited time. These albums usually go for no less than $50 on ebay, so get them while you can. They include bonus tracks, original artwork, and other wonderful things. In addition, Jonah has released the Always New collection of EPs on one disc. This also includes pictures, stories, and beautiful artwork. Click here to purchase them before they're up and gone.

Download: Far - -less from the album, Quick
Download: Far - True Love from the album, The Listening Game
Download: Jonah Matranga (onelinedrawing) - True Love (Jan) from the album, All of Always New

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