these are websites that are really interesting...i only go to websites that are REALLY interesting

stereogum - the Rolling Stone of music blogs
hypeful - good music, films, and assorted cultural musings.
gorilla vs. bear - probably the best music blog in the internets.
orisinal - cute and fun flash games that cross over into art. (go ahead and try beating one of those high scores, phhh)
stuff white people like - This is a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like. Very funny.
xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.
garfield minus garfield - The sad and hilarious adventures of Jon Arbuckle
The CarpetBagger Report - Steve Benen's blog on todays wild world of politics.
rotten tomatoes - best movie reviews
megacritic - movie, music, and video game reviews
tabblo - picture community
the prp - heavy metal music news
snocountry - mountain reports for skiers and snowboarders
spike's root beer reviews - self explainitory
the onion - fake news at it's best - the best website for people passionate about music
LyricWiki - best place for lyrics without pop-ups and ads
Poetry Foundation - all poetry, all the time. (note: for poetry haters, read this Bukowski poem)
Pan's Labyrinth - Stresses that importance of imagination. One of my favorite movies.
Auditory Hallucination - a friends blog that is a great place for new music from an open mind.
the evolution of the words i could never say... - wisdom and words from a friend.
Culture Bully - one of the best places to hear new music and whatnot
Best Week Ever - For the funniest take on the latest pop culture and celebrity news there's only one place to turn

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