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[EDIT 13 JUNE 2008] Well readers, kata rokkar will be off the air until mid-late July.
Right now it's under construction. I have a friend working on it during my move and I expect large amounts of awesomeness. You can see his work here.
I was going to end things with Weebly  but they recently contacted me and we have been working things out with glitches and bugs. I really hope for some great things to out of this...

Well this is it. I have spend 6 yrs of my career on the East Coast. I have met some of the most amazing people from Boston to Maine. I have worked with some really fantastic and professional people and hope to see them soon. That's what really made my job at the Coast Guard in Maine so enjoyable and rewarding; it was the people. I can only hope that my new coworkers will have the same energy and attitude.
As for the people I have meet here outside of work. I love you guys the most. I'm going to miss all of you and I really hope all of you will come out to visit whenever you have the opportunity. Keep in touch and don't be a stranger.

I'll miss you've been good to me.

California here I come!

Jonah Matranga - So Long


As a few of you readers may know, I will be moving to Northern California in mid-June. The most exciting part of this whole adventure is the upcoming roadtrip with my brother. I finally got the video camera I wanted to document this journey and I can’t wait to see what kind of bizarre footage we’ll be getting out of this whole expedition. In addition, the new SLR camera my brother recently bought ought to be useful in our voyage to the west coast. I’ve already bought a package of fake mustaches (I know, I’m an idiot) to use while we’re driving out to Cali. I honestly have no idea what we’re going to do with them, maybe try to pick up chicks in Salt Lake City or something…we are most likely going to harass motorists though. So far we plan on visiting Chicago and Yosemite, among a few other cities along the way. Anyway, here’s Part 2 in my little mp3 list of California related songs.

The Skygreen Leopards – Disciples of California

Rogue Wave – California

Notorious B.I.G. - Going Back to Cali

Lyrics Born – The Bay

John Vanderslice – The Golden Gate

Propellerheads – Take California


Well we're coming to the final few weeks of the Weebly hosted version of Kata Rokkar. I'll fill everyone in on the details once I figure everything out. More to come...

I digress. Anyway, this months Unsigned Artists are quite unique in their own right. First up is Sumkid; a LA MC with a P.O.S./Doomtree-like flow. His new song "Chuck Norris on Drugs" is a list of modern day issues that probably won't wind up on Chuck Norris' list of awesomeness. However, the song itself is summer song worthy while still sounding sharp and witty.

Sumkid - Chuck Norris On Drugs

Not many singer-songwriters can capture Dylan-like storytelling and song structure quite like Amadeo L. Gauthier. His haunting yet folkish sound can make the listener comfortable while still keeping the song ugly and gritty. His latest song, "Going To Baton Rouge" sounds very similar to Iron & Wine's latest record (particularly the song "Boy With A Coin"). But don't let that doubt Amadeo's ability to create his own individual sound. Just have a listen and let him take you on a trip...

Amadeo L. Gauthier - Going To Baton Rouge

Under Electric Light sounds like something you'd listen to in a submarine. Don't ask me what I mean by that but that's the first thing that popped in my head when I heard that track, "Your Rainy Days" by the Montreal based band. By mixing the sophisticated instrumentation and arrangements of 80s and modern pop, and infusing it with percussion and synthesizer more akin to electronica, Under Electric Light have achieved a refreshing combination that will keep the listener coming back for more.

Under Electric Light - Your Rainy Days


This weekend turned out to be pretty eventful in the concert aspect. First off I was able to check out ex-Sunny Day Real Estate lead singer Jeremy Enigk with Damien Jurado at Great Scott on Saturday. This show was particularly interesting because I expected him to only play songs from his solo career. However, that wasn't the case. Despite SDRE's awkward drama Jeremy Enigk played songs like In Circles, The Ocean, and Guitar and Video Games. Needless to say, this show became one of the best concerts of the year so far.

The next day I drove up to Portland, Maine to do some business for work and attend the Ol' Port Festival. I got to see Maine's own Paranoid Social Club play their hit Wasted and a great cover of I Want You (She's So Heavy). While some of the performers weren't all that impressive, there was one that was able to bring the entire festival together; Matt Nathanson. Some may write him off as another Howie Day rip-off with insane fans and sappy songs. While that may be half-true, his stage presence is something that cannot be matched by that many singer-songwriters. If you attend the Outside Lands Festival this year, hopefully you will find yourself to Mr. Nathanson's set. You won't regret you did.

Matt Nathanson - Then I'll Be Smiling


Everyone that goes through a tramatic experience usually has a song or record that goes hand in hand with that experience. Jeremy Enigk is that artist who reminds me of a time in my life where I overcame an issue that had me questioning everything from relationships to family to my own personal future. Luckily, music came to the rescue (as it usually does) and finally get to see Sunny Day Real Estate/Fire Theft ex-lead singer rock out at Great Scott in Allston this Saturday (31st May). I haven't had the privilege to see Jeremy's other bands but I'm quite content with seeing the man himself belt out the best tunes from his epic World Waits album and also some new tunes. This also will be the first time I tape a show with my new I'll probably suck at it. Well,at least the show won't.

Jeremy Enigk - Dare A Smile


This new song blasts with sounds of summer ecstasy and pure Icelandic bliss. The track comes from their fifth record entitled "með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust"  . This is going to be a good year for new records...

Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook


Barack Obama on Memorial Day...

"..On this Memorial Day, our nation honors the generations of patriots who were willing to give their lives to defend this country. While we may come from different places, cherish different traditions, and have different political beliefs, all Americans hold in reverence those who’ve given this country the full measure of their devotion. They are a shining example of what’s best about America. Today is also a reminder of our obligation as Americans to serve our fallen heroes as well as they served us; as well as the wounded warriors I’ve had the honor of meeting at Walter Reed have served us; as well as the troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world are serving us. That means giving the same priority to building a 21st century VA as to building a 21st century military. It means having zero tolerance for veterans sleeping on our streets. It means bringing home our POWs and MIAs. And it means treating the graves of veterans like the hallowed ground it is and banning protests near funerals. So on this day, of all days, let’s memorialize our fallen heroes by honoring all who wear our country’s uniform; and by completing their work to make America more secure and our world more free."

I couldn't agree more. For more Memorial Day articles that you need to read, click below...
Jon Stewart receives USO-Metro Merit Award
10 Things You Need To Know About Memorial Day

Dispatch - The General from the album, Bang Bang

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