GO SOX! Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be talking about the Saul Williams show I'm attending tonight. Eh, whatever. I just watched Dustin Pedroia slam a line drive past poor Detroit Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers. So I'm kind of in a good mood today if you can't already tell. Anyway...Saul Williams. He is possibly one of my favorite human beings and I feel quite privileged to catch his full band live act today at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. He's even from the same part of New York I grew up in (Newburgh, Fishkill). From what I've seen from a few youtube videos of his recent performances, they resemble a cross between Prince and Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest fame. He also seems passionate about his new material, which is always good. His cover of U2's Sunday Blood Sunday is a mix of industrial beats and spoken word...and it sounds brilliant. If you haven't heard of Saul or read any of his books. Go buy Said The Shotgun To The Head right now. It will change your life...

"we will wait through the degenerate course/ of your repeated history/ we will wait for the past to die."

Download: Saul Williams - Sunday Bloody Sunday from the album, The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust:


On January 19th, 2008; I was punched. Not physically, but mentally. On that date I attended the Vocal ’08 spoken word show at Brandies University. At the time, the only person I was aware of was Saul Williams. Little did I know that slam poets like Carlos Andres Gomez, Mayda Del Valle, Buddy Wakefield, and Iyeoka would completely slay me with their spoken words. Even the Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer dedicated to show up and read poetry. So I posted a few spoken word samples and a video of Carlos Andres Gomez performing What’s Genocide? (whose CD I bought that night). So anyone who knows me personally; watch out, I have found a new obsession, hehe.

Download: Buddy Wakefield The Information Man from the album, LIVE

Download: IyeokaPass It On from the album, Black & Blues


My definition of a hero is someone who goes against the norm and sets an example for humanity. Someone who isn't influenced by negativity and pushes ideas forward despite the odds.

Saul Williams is one of my heroes.

His words have always wowed me and his music has always defied genres and categorization. He allows the listener and reader to interpret his poetry in their own way. He has released 2 full length records and over 4 books filed with his poetry and thoughts. He as toured with the likes of The Roots, The Mars Volta, and Nine Inch Nails. I just can't say enough good things about this man. At least until now; Saul Williams has released a new record today (November 1st) and it may be his best yet. The record is The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust! and it is a the creation of both Saul and Nine Inch Nails frontman, Trent Reznor. The duo has not only created a wonderfully diverse record that includes hip-hop, rock, and dance, but they have followed the footsteps of Radiohead's marketing technique. The record is available for $5 or for free at http://niggytardust.com/. What Saul and Trent are doing is slightly better than what Radiohead did, they are allowing the listener to choose what audio quality they can download; whether it be 192Kbps MP3, 320Kbps MP3, or FLAC lossless audio. So all you FLAC-heads can rejoice. In fact, music lovers can rejoice! This is an important day in music, so download the album (or these tracks) and be apart of something very special.

Download: Saul Williams - Break from the album, The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!
Download: Saul Williams - Banged and Blown Through from the album, The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!
: Saul Williams - Tr(n)igger from he album, The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!

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