GO SOX! Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be talking about the Saul Williams show I'm attending tonight. Eh, whatever. I just watched Dustin Pedroia slam a line drive past poor Detroit Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers. So I'm kind of in a good mood today if you can't already tell. Anyway...Saul Williams. He is possibly one of my favorite human beings and I feel quite privileged to catch his full band live act today at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. He's even from the same part of New York I grew up in (Newburgh, Fishkill). From what I've seen from a few youtube videos of his recent performances, they resemble a cross between Prince and Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest fame. He also seems passionate about his new material, which is always good. His cover of U2's Sunday Blood Sunday is a mix of industrial beats and spoken word...and it sounds brilliant. If you haven't heard of Saul or read any of his books. Go buy Said The Shotgun To The Head right now. It will change your life...

"we will wait through the degenerate course/ of your repeated history/ we will wait for the past to die."

Download: Saul Williams - Sunday Bloody Sunday from the album, The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust:


"What the hell? Was that J.D. Drew hitting a grand slam?!?!"

Those were words uttering from my mouth at the first inning the other night during Game 6 of the Red Sox vs Indians series. I guess it is true that they are at their best when they’re at Fenway. In fact, this series was full of unexpected moments. With Manny getting Lofton out on second, Pedroia (Rookie of the Year anyone?) hitting that home run, Drew's grand slam, Lugo’s double, even Gagne ended an inning without screwing up. And thank you Mr. Francona for putting Ellsbury in and leaving Crisp out of the line-up the last two nights. Give that man a hug if you see him walking down the street. And a big Thank You to Curt Schilling, Josh Beckett, Daisuke, and Papelbon for an ALCS to remember.  Plus, why the hell did Cleveland pull Westbrook out in the 6th on Game 7? He struck 8 out in row! Oh well, worked in our favor. Cleveland can now use those %$&*ing towels to wipe their ass.

This year has really shown itself as one of the best years for new releases. Now don't mistake me for regarding the new Jimmy Eat World is beyond expectation (it's really not). What I am talking about is the new Maritime album. The thing about the new Maritime is that it's no longer a surprise that this band can make beautifully crafted pop rock songs or get a song that you actually like stuck in your head. At this point, their new album Heresy and the Hotel Choir may not have the same affect as We, The Vehicles, it will make it to some people's top 10 of 2007 lists.

As for Jimmy Eat World; they haven't changed much. The perfectly crafted power-pop rock will still plague radios across America whether you like it or not. However, like the new Foo Fighters, this is far better than anything you will hear on regular rotation on your local modern rock station. Chase the Light expresses more of a 'Bleed American' sense than the murky 'Futures.' I'm not too impressed by it as a Jimmy Eat World fan, but you be the judge.


Jimmy Eat World and Maritime toured together throughout September and October.   

Download: Maritime - For Science Fiction from the album, Heresy and the Hotel Choir

Download: Jimmy Eat World - Big Casino from the album, Chase the Light

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