Random Thought #3 - I was walking a dog today and I called for it like so, "Dinky! (clap clap)"...it then dawned on me how bizarre it would sound if there was no dog around.

Starting tomorrow, I will listen to nothing but metal for a week straight. No rap, indie rock, Jonah, or Bjork. No Miles Davis with coffee, it will now be Mastodon with my coffee. No Iron & Wine to put me to sleep, now it's Isis that'll be putting me to sleep. Crazy? Maybe, but now is the time to recommend metal bands to me while I'm on this Metal-binge.

I never really met a real metalhead until I met my friend Death Metal Jim. Death Metal Jim would've made a lot more friends back in '87 than the year 1999. This guy had long red hair, skinny ripped up jeans and usually a large Death Metal band t-shirt (Morbid Angel, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, etc). Jim would randomly rant about how Metallica sold out, how Slipknot is pussy music, and how he was going to start a tattoo/death metal gift shop when he got out of college. I never fully appreciated his individuality until I watched the documentary, Metal: A Headbangers Journey. In this movie, I found myself reminiscing the days of listening to Seasons of the Abyss, old Type O Negative, and Sepultura. I remembered how much I loved cranking Skinless and Lamb of God in my car when I was in the mood for driving like a psycho. What's great about this movie is that it's not only for metal fans; it's for those who aren't familiar with the culture and origin of metal. It doesn't leave anything out; from Death Metal to Thrash Metal, from the sexuality of metal to the misunderstanding of metal fans. The movie makes a point that metal draws influences from classical music and blues. Some won't walk away metal fans, but many will respect and understand those who love the music.

I, myself am a casual metal fan. I have been to Ozzfest and have been to my fair share of metal shows. I even caught Pantera a few years before Dimebag Darrell passed away. Over the years I have been picky with my metal, due to the fact that metal itself is reaching a point where creativity is lacking. However, all is not lost. Some bands have displayed their originality and are not lumping themselves into the metalcore genre, which has commercialized a genre of music made to give the finger to commercialization. I have posted some songs from metal/hardcore bands that have given me hope that metal is not dead; it's an undying genre of music that will stand the test of time. Also I have posted the trailer for the movie. Death Metal Jim would be proud…

glassJaw - El Mark from the single, Cosmopolitan Bloodloss out now!

Russian Circles - Carpe form the album Enter out now!

Black Dahila Murder - What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse from the album Nocturnal out now!

Behold...The Arctopus - Alcoholocaust from the album Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning out now!

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Unretorified from the album Miss Machine out now!

High on Fire - Devilution from the album Blessed Black Wings out now!

Skinless - Execution of Reason from the album Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead out now!

Genghis Tron - Chapels from the album Dead Mountain Mouth out now!

Yakuza - Cancer of Industry from the album Samsara out now!


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