This weekend turned out to be pretty eventful in the concert aspect. First off I was able to check out ex-Sunny Day Real Estate lead singer Jeremy Enigk with Damien Jurado at Great Scott on Saturday. This show was particularly interesting because I expected him to only play songs from his solo career. However, that wasn't the case. Despite SDRE's awkward drama Jeremy Enigk played songs like In Circles, The Ocean, and Guitar and Video Games. Needless to say, this show became one of the best concerts of the year so far.

The next day I drove up to Portland, Maine to do some business for work and attend the Ol' Port Festival. I got to see Maine's own Paranoid Social Club play their hit Wasted and a great cover of I Want You (She's So Heavy). While some of the performers weren't all that impressive, there was one that was able to bring the entire festival together; Matt Nathanson. Some may write him off as another Howie Day rip-off with insane fans and sappy songs. While that may be half-true, his stage presence is something that cannot be matched by that many singer-songwriters. If you attend the Outside Lands Festival this year, hopefully you will find yourself to Mr. Nathanson's set. You won't regret you did.

Matt Nathanson - Then I'll Be Smiling

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