Last year was quite a year for new releases. I practically shat myself over the new M.I.A. and Jonah Matranga records, this year may cause equal or greater shating. Okay, enough of measuring poo. This year has promised new records from Portishead, dredg, The Mars Volta, and Nada Surf. But the one release that I am holding my excitement for is the new Glassjaw album. After seeing them perform their new tunes a year ago and hearing live recordings of recent shows (along with studio recording buzz), I am significantly hyped up for this record. Here are some live recordings of Glassjaw and dredg and a new track from Nada Surf.

(If anyone is pissed that I posted these tracks, don’t hesitate to politely ask me to remove them.)

Download: GlassjawJesus Glue (Live)

Download: dredgIt’s Not Worth It (Live)

Download: Nada SurfSee These Bones from the upcoming album, Lucky

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