that's right my dogs. well okay they're not MY dogs but i keep a good eye at the while i volunteer at the MSPCA Animal Shelter. we have this big oaf of a dog named Kodiak; a Newfoundland with enough slobber to drown a small child. Fuck, this dog could eat a child. but he wouldn't, he's a sweetheart. i got to play with him one last time before he left for a nice home with 2 more Newfoundlands (i know, where do the live? in a barn?). apparently they put another dog down due to inability to get used to people who don't beat the living shit out of him. it's quite tragic. speaking of which, FUCK Michael Vick and his satanic crew of canine killers. these are the people i believe need to have the death penalty. if you have the nerve to kill something that has no other purpose in life but to love thy owner no matter what, you deserve to die. i can see why people kill other people. humans are evil, conniving, and naturally obsessed with violence. So save a dog, kill a person.

Random thought #1 - I want to see a person with down syndrome wearing a t-shirt that says, "I'd Fuck Me"

Free Music! You know that's why you're here, don't deny it. Fuckers. Well I just bought two of-the-hook albums from Minus the Bear and M.I.A. You should buy them too if you know what's good for you. Minus the Bear is one of those bands that you hear and instantly you're sure you've never heard anything like it. Their mix of hip-hop beats, rock, and electronica give the band an atmospheric sound that sets them apart for most bands in their genre (whatever that is). The new album is much more serious than their previous discs. But that does not in anyway deter them from their unique style. M.I.A. is a female nutcase electro-clash hip-hop singer from London, England. Her last disc was blaring out my windows for months and this one is no different. Actually it is, it's way better. Every track is dance worthy and beyond anything I expected from her. Just 100% awesome.

M.I.A. - XR2 from the new album Kala out now!
Minus the Bear - Ice Monster from the new album Planet of Ice out now!

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