Today, my buddy and I are going to be audience members of The Daily Show with Newsweek International Editor Fareed Zakaria and Mr. Awesome himself, Lewis Black. There’s really nothing else to report…

So take it easy and listen to some good music…

Nine Inch Nails – Echoplex

Sans Seraph – December

Passion Pit – Better Things


...The Daily Show has posted every single episode with Jon Stewart on their website. Now I've always been a casual Daily Show watcher, but as of late, I have quickly become a huge Daily Show fan. I actually work my day around The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Now with the whole writers strike going on, I can no longer feed my craving for my fake news. However, with the fact that I can watch every episode ever until the writers of my two favorite shows get paid for webisodes and DVD sales, is kind of neat. If you want to know more about the strike, go here. If you want to watch Daily Show episodes up the ying yang, go here. Also, in light of this writers strike, Jon Stewart has told his writing staff that he will cover all their salaries for the next two weeks, according to a well-placed source. He has also vowed to do the same for writers on The Colbert Report. You can read all about that here.

This past summer I had the opportunity to see the Rock the Bells concert in Mansfield, MA. This included Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, and Cypress Hill among other great hip-hop artists. All of which I paid $35 for. Not bad considering each act played an energetic set and supplied the crowd with old and new material. When I got word that Wu-Tang would be going back on tour in smaller venues, I jumped at the chance to purchase tickets. I was severely disa-f^&%ing-pointed to find tickets to be $45. I saw them in full form with Nas and Cypress Hill and you guys are asking me to pay more than I did the last time I saw you? No. I will however gleefully listen to the new Wu-Tang track, My Heart Gently Weeps. It features the talented Erykah Badu and pretty neat Beatles sample. Welcome back Wu-Tang, but shame on you for high ticket prices.

Download: Wu-Tang Clan - My Heart Gently Weeps (ft. Erykah Badu) from the album, 8 Diagrams.

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