I was lucky enough to finally attend a Cursive concert in all it's glory. After being a fan since high school, owning 3 of their records and missing every show whenever they come to my area; I had to go to this show. The show was at the tiny but intimate Club Hell in Providence, RI. My buddy and I attempted to kill time in Providence, but that place can be pretty boring when all you want is to see Cursive rock the fuck out. When we eventually strolled into the venue, we were able to catch a special little Providence band called, Deer Tick. I loved the Willie Nelson / Neil Young mixed with early Bright Eyes rawness vibe they had going for them. Granted they were an awesome band, Deer Tick kind of over stayed their welcome by 3-4 songs (plus they have an uncomfortable band name). Once Deer Tick finished, it didn't take long for Cursive to kick off the show. They actually started with a new tune, which was pretty badass. Actually, all the new songs oozed that Cursive-like anger and intensity that I've come to love since high school. I'd say they played about 5 new song and a few classics (Big Bang, The Martyr, Sierra, etc). Overall it was a great show. Even though I didn't get home until 2am. Ugh.

(picture by vocoders)

Deer Tick - Old Shoes from the album, War Elephant

Cursive - The Martyr from the album, Domestica

Cursive - The Recluse from the album, The Ugly Organ

Cursive - Dorothy at Forty from the album, Happy Hollow

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