if i don't feel the need to write i'm going to write anyhow....huh?

i've been trying to teach my brother how to draw but i just can't figure out how i learned how to do it in the first place. it all just kind of came to me i guess. i drew some really twisted shit back when i was his age. like people dying in plane crashes while their testicles were on fire with a giant godzilla-like creature peeing on them with acid pee. i know, it's sad. but i turned out alright, i'm not peeing on anyone (that i can remember). i just see so much potential he has in his drawings that i want him to develop his own style and work toward that. he knows what he wants, the only thing i can do is guide him....with giant peeing godzilla creatures.

speaking of style, this guy jonah matranga has been a huge influence in everything i've ever done since the year 2002. his lyrics and honesty have molded me into the person i've always wanted to be...okay maybe not, but he is my favorite singer-songwriter right next to bob dylan and sean hayes. this track is from his latest concoction of songs called 'And.' you've probably seen him around, nonetheless, he's really good. enjoy...

Jonah Matranga - 'So Long' from the album 'And' out September 21st 2007
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