I am done with all Christmas shopping. Wow, that is just great to say out loud. Now all I need to do is wrap all this shit, which I suck at. Most of my presents end up having more tape on them than wrapping paper. Oh well, here’s more Christmas songs that I didn’t have to wrap up.


Also, an eight-alarm fire broke out just before midnight last night at a four-story apartment building at 80 Middle St. in Gloucester, MA, forcing the evacuation of residents and threatening nearby buildings, including a church and synagogue. One passed away. If you want to donate to the fund that is supporting these families that lost their homes this Christmas season, feel free to send a check to this address.

Gloucester Fund
45 Middle Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Download: Billy Idol – Yellin’ at the Christmas Tree

Download: Death Cab for Cutie – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Download: Tenacious D – Things I Want

Download: Bright Eyes – Little Drummer Boy


It's nice to hear music you haven't heard in a year. But when it’s the same song you’ve heard since childhood, it’s kind of like, “C’mon, can we change things up a bit?” That’s why I get kind of excited when I hear other artists and bands do renditions of older Christmas songs or make up their own. However, some people just aren’t too crazy about Christmas songs. Whatever their reason, I don’t completely understand why. Christmas songs always seemed to bring an apprehension for seeing family and friends. Also, it’s just great to listen to the Vince Guaraldi Trio while driving in the snow or to Sufjan Stevens’ X-Mas Box Set while decorating your house. Sometimes the sound of Christmas music can make any Scrooge turn festive. I’ll be posting more X-Mas music throughout the month. Here’s this weeks healthy dose of holiday tunes.

Download: LowstarLast Christmas

Download: Far feat. Deftones and Will HavenFeed the World (Do They Know It’s Christmas?)

Download: Elliot SmithAngel in the Snow

Download: Badly Drawn BoyDonna and Blitzen

Download: Amanda RogersI’ll Be Home for Christmas

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